Premarital Counseling Course: Application Invited

Thiruvananthapuram: As part of the “Nallajeevitham” (Good Life) Program, Santhigram Counseling and guidance Centre is conducting 3 days residential premarital counseling course for the benefit of those who are contemplating marriage irrespective of caste and religious barriers. Applications are invited from interested participants for the residential course scheduled to be conducted from 29 to 31 […]

Community wedding function- Applications invited

The ‘Nalla Jeevitham’ (Good Life) Project is an innovative endeavor for the benefit of a most needy section of our population those who desire to live with a partner, due to various reasons failed to find a life partner, the destitute, the differently-abled, the divorced, etc. The main objectives of the Nalla Jeevitham Project include- […]

Samagra Arogya Utsavam – Program details

Food should be our medicine All those who eat food should participate in the food production Each one should be his own doctor Health = bliss              Samagra Arogya Utsavam (Holistic Health festival) – 2014                                                                  10 – 22 December, 2014 , Santhigram, Chappath (Vizhinjam), Thiruvananthapuram “MUTHASSI VAIDYAM” TRAINING (Grandma Herbal Remedies Preparation Training) Aarogya […]

Samsthana Parambarya – Nattuvaidhya Sangamam Program details

Samsthana  Parambarya –  Nattuvaidhya Sangamam (State level Traditional Healers Meet) 19 December 2014, Friday , Gandhi Bhavan, Thycaud, Thiruvananthapuram Supported by:    Kerala State Biodiversity Board,  State Medicinal Plants Board-Kerala &SRC Kerala Organized by: Santhigram, SAMAGRA – Holistic Health Promotion Council   PROPOSED TIME  SCHEDULE 19 December 2014, Friday (9.00 am – 5.30 pm) 9 – […]

SAMAGRA AROGYA UTSAVAM-2014 (HOLISTIC HEALTH FESTIVAL-2014) 10 – 22 December, 2014 Santhigram, Chappath (Vizhinjam), Thiruvananthapuram Dist. Programme at a Glance  Ten  day training on Raw food Preparation (Close the Kitchen, Remove the Diseases),10-19 Decem.2014 Awareness building on holistic health care in association with Schools and Residents Associations, 10-22Decem.2014 Free Holistic Health Treatment Camps, 10-22 Decem. 2014 Health Volunteers […]

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  TRAINING IN REIKI AND NATURAL HEALING   Kovalam: As part of the Santhigram silver jubilee celebrations, in collaboration with SAMAGRA – Holistic Health Promotion Council and Natural Health Research Foundation, Thrissur, Santhigram is organizing two health care training programs. The first training in Reiki is scheduled for December 8 to 10. The second training […]