Human Resource/ Expertise available with Santhigram

Santhigram has proven expertise in project management in the sectors of skill development, skill up gradation, promotion of holistic health education and practice, enterprise development, functional vocational training, networking, campaigning for people’s issues, strengthening of Panchayat Raj Institutions, gender development, etc.
With Santhigram there are 57 members in the human resource team – 8 full-timers, 18 consultants, 11 part-timers and 20 volunteers. The full timers and part timers have received training and have experience in Program planning, Community organization, Capacity building, Bio-farming, Holistic health care, Ferro cement technology, Entrepreneurship development, Information Technology, etc. The following full timers, part timers and volunteers are assisted by a large no of community leaders in the activities.

No Name Designation Remark
1 L. Pankajakshan Director/ Project Director Full-Time
2 G.S. Santhamma Joint Director/ Counselor Full-Time
3 P.Usha Coordinator, Holistic Health Full-Time
4 S.Suja Coordinator, NRM Full-Time
5 L.D Souda Coordinator, Women Program Full-Time
6 S. Renjini Accountant Full-Time
7 Sajeev Soman Documentation Assistant Full-Time
8 V. Manilal Principal Investigator, DST/Consultant- Projects Full-Time
9 S.S. Biju Audio Visual Assistant Part time
10 M. Dileepan Jr. System Analyst Part time
11 P. Sunny Graphic Designer Part time
12 G. Girija Animator, Vizhinjam Part time
13 A. Mini Jose Instructor, Tailoring & Fashion Designing Part- Time
14 S. Akshaja Instructor, Tailoring & Fashion Designing Part- Time
15 S. Sindhu Instructor, Sari Painting Part- Time
16 P. Chandrasekharan Nair Instructor, Bag & Chappal Making Part- Time
17 S. Prameela Instructor, Carry bag making Part- Time
18 V. Rajendran Farm Assistant Part- Time
19 S.P. Ramkiran Acupressure Therapist Part Time
20 Dr. V.Vijayakumar Hon. Director, Santhigram Holistic health Care and Research Center(SHCRC) Volunteer
21 Subhash Chandra Bose Hon. Director, School of Ecology Volunteer
22 Ashok Kumar Sreedharan Hon. Director, Rural Development Projects Volunteer
23 V.V. Ramachandran Hon. Director, Rural Development program Volunteer
24 Poothemcode Velappan Coordinator, NIOS Volunteer
25 Anil Nair Program Coordinator, NIOS Volunteer
26 Issac Singh Project consultant & Business training Facilitator of ILO-SIYB Volunteer
27 Mulloor Jayachandran Chief Trainer, Yoga & Meditation Volunteer
28 S. Sreekumari Manager, Swaraj Products/ IGP Volunteer
29 B. Suseelan Trainer, Organic Farming Volunteer
30 K.Prathapachandran Master Trainer – Child Empowerment Volunteer
31 Dr. Antony Palakkal Master trainer – Team building & Leadership Volunteer
32 S.Unnikrishnan Therapist (Acupressure & Marma Chikitsa) Volunteer
33 C.Retnakaran Therapist (Acupressure, Sidha Marma, Naturopathy) Volunteer
34 S. Albert Coordinator-Coastal Development Volunteer
35 K. Vijayalekshmi Acupressure Therapist, (Venganoor) Volunteer
36 Azoora Beevi Acupressure Therapist, (Vizhinjam) Volunteer
37 Vijayakumari Acupressure Therapist, (Poovar) Volunteer
38 Acupressure Therapist, (Poovar) Volunteer
39 C S. Frincy Acupressure Therapist, (Santhigram) Volunteer
40 A. Ramanakumar Consultant -Fruit Technologist Consultant
41 Technical Expert Santhigram Jackfruit Seed & Cereal Malt project Consultant
42 P.M.Dev Consultant – Documentation Consultant
43 K. Rajasekharan Expert -Agriculture Engineering Consultant
44 S. Sajith Kumar Consultant – Project Consultant
45 R.S. Prasanth Consultant, Geologist Consultant
46 M. Sasidharan Consultant, Soil Conservation Consultant
47 P.K. Lal Coordinator, Sanitation program Consultant
48 Adv. R. Saju Expert – Waste management & Environment Consultant
49 K. Sreedharan Consultant-Organic farming Consultant
50 K. Vijayan Expert Biogas plant construction Consultant
51 Dr.A.Sasidhara Babu Trainer – Animal husbandry Consultant
52 Dr. N.S. Sheeja Consultant, Homeopathy Consultant
53 Acharya George Jacob Trainer-Acupressure Consultant
54 Dr. Mercy Muricken Practitioner – Acupuncture, Reiki Consultant
55 Dr. K.N. Sunilduth Practitioner – Modern medicine Consultant
56 Adv.Punchakkari Ravi Consultant – Legal aid Consultant
57 S. Sreeletha Coordinator, Social Education Programme Consultant