10 a.m.to 5 p.m ,   29 June 2014 (Sunday)

Santhigram, Chappath (Vizhinjam), Thiruvananthapuram

Dear Sir,

We in the voluntary sector in Kerala have been endeavoring in our own modest ways to explore innovative ways of serving the poor and building a prosperous nation. There are among us persons who have spent years in the pursuit of alternative development models in fields as diverse as community organization, gram swaraj, communal harmony, prohibition, decentralization, transparency, women empowerment, environmental protection, alternative health care, holistic development, poverty alleviation and so forth. Some have distinguished themselves by creating replicable models.

There have been several organized attempts at linking and networking among the VOs in Kerala. But to this day we have not been able to achieve any tangible results in this matter.

Voluntary activists in Kerala are faced with a number of problems and dilemmas. While many feel dissatisfied and disappointed with the performance of the sector and are dejected by the poor response from the government, media and publc, there are several who, not being able to interpret the message of the changing times, are groping in the dark, with no clarity on the way forward. Some feel not understood and appreciated. Some feel hurt, humiliated and depressed. Many are grappling with the issues of poverty and insecurity. In brief, the VO scenario in Kerala is not all that rosy. It is against this rather gloomy background that we are organizing this state level VO get-together. You are cordially invited to participate in this informal, but important event. There are no set agendas; there will be ample time for open sharing and mutual enrichment. Santhigram is delighted to set a conducive ambiance for meaningful interaction.

Several noted activists, including Kumar Kalanandmani (Peaceful Society, Goa), P.T. Mathew (President, Kerala Grama Panchayat Association), Kanchana Kottangal (Director, B.P. Moideen Seva Mandir), K.B. Madan Mohan (Executive Coordinator, Kerala Grama Panchayat Association), Adv. Philip M. Prasad (President, Madhuram Balyam), V. Subhash Chandra Bose (Director, CCDU), V.S. Santhoshkumar (Director, Suchitva Mission), Adv.Punchakkari Ravi (Advisor, FRAT), Adv. R. Saju (Director, ITEC), Dr. Reghu Ramadas (Project Coordinator, Mitranikethan), Dr. Aby George (State Coordinator, RTI Campaign, led by Aruna Roy), Sunny Paikada (State Coordinator, Bhakshya Arogya Swaraj), P.K.Lal (Convener, Coordination Committee for the Conservation of Indigenous Cows), M.P.Chandran (Coordinator, Swaraj – Kerala), Rajan Mathew (Project Officer, CASA), M.M.Augustine (General Secretary, ARSHABHARATH) Venu G. and C. Sreedharan (Promoters, VITAL program by Ananadashram, Kanhangad) have intimated that they would be participating in the event. Time will be given to all those who would like to make a presentation about their experience, views and concerns. You are requested to come with brief notes, which can be presented using LCD and OHP. The time for presentation is limited to 10 minutes. We also welcome your suggestions for improving the effectiveness of the program , to make it more enjoyable and educative. Santhigram is happy to offer modest facilities for accommodation and simple food. The participants are expected to meet the costs of their travel. If in case some one has financial difficulty for travel, kindly give us prior intimation, so that we can try to seek assistance from generous persons. Please remember to confirm your participation by latest 15 June.

Invitation (Malayalam) – VO State Level Getogether on 29th June 2014 at Santhigram

Looking forward to meeting you on 29 June,

Yours sincerely


Director, Santhigram

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