Rear indigenous cows for protecting the Earth and leading a joyful life. – Guruji Deva Baba

Pesticide-free food, pure air, safe water and clean environment – these are the birth rights bestowed by Almighty God on us and all the other living things. Satanic development agenda, such as the Green Revolution, have wrenched from us this our birth right. Collective efforts are necessary for protecting and rearing indigenous breeds of cows, so that we can protect our dear Earth and lead a joyful  life, said Sri Deva Baba, founder and head of Sri Sakthidarsan Yogashramam at Kinnigoli in Karnataka.

Venerable Guruji was speaking during the Gopuja ceremony at Santhigram, Chappath. Sri Deva Baba blessed  and fed the cattle belonging to indigenous breeds of Kapila, Vechur, Kangroj, Dorph etc. Guruji, visiting Santhigram for the second time, was highly impressed by the organization’s innovative endeavors at preserving and propagating indigenous breeds of cows. Guruji inaugurated the distribution of ‘Jeevamritham’, an organic fertilizer made from cow dung and cow urine as prescribed by Subash Palekar, for use in natural farming, by giving  samples to N. Venukuttan Nair, Asst. Secretary, Gandhi  Smarak  Nidhi. By making available Jeevamritham, Santhigram has made Palekar’s  natural farming technology possible even for those who do not rear indigenous cows.

Guruji also released the Malayalam versions of books titled  ‘Indigenous Cow the Heavenly Kalpavriksha’ and   ‘Banes of Bio-farming’, authored by  Palekar, by giving copies to Sri K.R.P Suresh, Managing Director, Kovilpatti Sai Amar. It was followed by Guru Pooja, Satsang, lecture, Agnihotram and training in meditation.