Mitraniketan Viswanathan Passed away

Mitraniketan Viswanathan Passed away

Sri K Viswanathan, Director, Mitraniketan passed away at    3.00   AM on April 28, 2014. He was 86 years old and recipient of Padmasree, An alumni of SANTHINIKETHAN, he was a pioneer in voluntary social action across the country and globally recognized for his vision and commitment to the cause of the socially marginalized. He has to his credit several innovative interventions which were widely replicated. He was the patron of Kerala Voluntary Action League (KAVAL), a network of Non Governmental organizations.

Santhigram has lost its father figure who was its mentor and guided through the years. Director and staff of Santhigram join his relatives and well wishers in this moment of irreparable loss.

The body will be kept at Vellanad Grama Panchayat Hall for the public to pay homage at 1pm and cremated at the Mitraniketan campus at 4pm.


About Mitraniketan Viswanathan

Viswanathan was born in 1928 and was educated atViswabharatiUniversityin Kolkata (formerCalcutta). He studied in theUSAand Scandinavia and on his return toIndiahe founded Mitraniketan, “The Home of Friends” (1956). Viswanathan was inspired by Tagore and Gandhi, but also by westerners like Pestalozzi and Grundtvig (the founder of the Danish “folk high school”).


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