Vechur cow gets a lifeline

Calf born to Vechur cow at Chappath near Vizhinjam

Thiruvananthapuram: A calf born to a Vechur cow, the smallest cow in the world and a breed listed under the category the Food and Agriculture Organisation, has created a lot of excitement at Chappath village near Not just the locals, people are coming from afar too to gaze in wonder at this beautiful white Devaka and her diminutive mother, Gayathri, both of which are under the care of Santhigram, a voluntary Organisation at Chappath.

Hardy breed

Vechur cow, a hardy breed of dwarf cattle indigenous to Kerala, which grows only about a maximum height, has been generating a lot of interest in recent times following a study report from College Animal Sciences at Thrissur that the milk of Vechur cow is rich in beta caseine A2, a milk protein against diabetes and heart diseases.

There are only about 200 of Vechur cows in the State, almost half of which are being bred by the The breed would have gone extinct had it not been for a conservation programme that the college With all the international attention and recognition it has been receiving, owning a Vechur cow matter of pride. According to reports, there are only about five Vechur cows in the district.

Vechur cow yields only about three litres of milk daily and the milk has a much higher fat percentage produced by its cross-bred counterparts.

The breed had gone down in popularity as the government went ahead with its extensive cross

with an eye on improving milk production during the seventies.

With the renewed demand for Vechur cows, the veterinary college at Thrissur now gives out Vechur its conservation programme to those who submits an application to the college.