SANTHIGRAM condemns the arrest of Shri. Anna Hazare

Dear Friends and colleagues,

Greetings from Santhigram!


We deeply regret the action of Government of arresting Shri. Anna Hazare. The arrest of Anna is the reflection of the attempt by Indian Government to restrict the freedom to express. It is an irony that people are not being allowed even to speak and express their views peacefully within the ambient of the space assured by the Indian Constitution. We all know that globally now India is on top few where corruption is rampant at the higher levels and is unchecked. Unfortunately the attempts of civil society to demand accountability from the beholders of constitutional positions are ruthlessly prevented.

Santhigram, would like to appeal to you to join the voice of the citizens of the country in demanding release of Anna as well restores the freedom to speak and association. We would also like to appeal to the Indian Government to behold the spirit of the Indian Constitution to which they are supposed to abide.


In Solidarity



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