Santhigarm undertakes an array of well-orchestrated programs around themes including ecology, holistic health, livelihood, women and children, strengthening local governments, good governance and so forth.


Santhigram has formed a School of Ecology, consisting of activists, scholars and students of environment. The School of Ecology takes up programs of natural resource management, promotion of bio-farming, bio-diversity conservation, environmental awareness generation etc. Santhigram maintains a model bio-farm, which includes breeds of indigenous cows.


  1. Ecology (NRM)
  2. Holistic Health
  3. Livelihood
  4. Women & Child
  5. Facilitation (Coordination & Administration)

Main Programs

  1. Formation and strengthening of POs
  2. Eco-Conservation / Natural Resource Management
  3. Sustainable Agriculture/Bio-farming
  4. Promotion of Cultivation and use of Medicinal Plants
  5. Watershed Development/ Rain Water Harvesting
  6. Employment-Oriented Skill Development
  7. Support for Village Industries and Social Marketing
  8. Alternative & Holistic Health Care
  9. Strengthening Panchayat Raj System
  10. Facilitation of KAVAL network
  11. Facilitation office of the Jack fruit Promotion council (JPC)
  12. Coordination of SAMAGRA – Holistic Health Promotion Council
  13. Women’s Empowerment/Gender and Development
  14. Empowerment of Children
  15. Continuing Education
  16. Promotion of Folk Arts
  17. Capacity Building
  18. Research & Documentation
  19. Rural Technology Development
  20. Information Technology Application